Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Positive (+)

I feel life is better when you see it positively.
I was such a negative thinker before, and am working my best to change.
Well, although I am on my way,
I feel so much better.

So I hope you would do the same thing.
That life is too short, it only happens once, so give it your best shot!

dear my best friends...

Recently, there have been quite a number of my friends who were brokenhearted. And since they're my friends, or even best friends, I gave them the best advice I could ever give - of course based on what I have experienced.

I know exactly how hard it is to let someone you love go away.
I know exactly how hard it is to be alone.
And I know exactly how hard it is to do something your best friends tell you were best things to do, but your heart can't accept the same opinion.

Only because I was there, in the exact same position.

Brokenhearted, for whatever reason, I found it similar to one another.
It is, at the end, the same feeling every human feels in the bone.
Thus, I believe, it is the same cure for the same disease, or to be more polite, sickness (it is disease because it sometimes causes nausea, dizziness, headache whatsoever).

So I have told them the same advice.
The best, I could ever give,
As it is the only thing you can do.

It was in my heart beat, that it is hard to accept the fact that someone you have loved for so long, someone whom you caress and put so many things at stake for dump you for whatever reason. But it is the fact that we need to accept. It is bitter for God's sake, we all know that, but we can't never live without living that fact. So the best we can do is to accept it, slow but sure.

And again, be willing to let go.
If you really love him or her, just let it go, and move on for your life.
Cause time waits for nobody.
Every second is precious and you are the only one who can make it a gem.
Nobody won't do it for you.
And, in fact, nobody can't.

I know some of you had enough hearing me saying about this.
But that is not the only important thing I want to say.


I once blamed my ex for what he had done.
I mean, come on, leaving me just like that? Blocked me on facebook? Deleted my bbm contact? Or even stayed away from all of my friends?
Those are what JERKS or COWARDS would do!!
Well, that was what I thought before.
And somehow, hearing the news from some my brokenhearted friends, who were bothered because of the status of the ex in facebook, in bbm, etc.
I think I thought about it wrongly.

Well, that was one way of forgiving someone. And it was his rights to do so.
And, though I did not realize firstly, it somehow helped me forgetting him.
There was no way to keep in touch, rite?
There was no way for me to be bothered by those silly little things.
It had helped me,
and the best thing is,
it may help you too.

Therefore, the message of the day is,
Never blame anyone who needs to take that measures, only to forget someone.
Trivial, jerk-type, but in one or another case, needed.

So girls, and boys, let it be.
Don't let people call you coward,
cause they have no single idea of what you are facing.
Don't give a damn.
It is your life.
You have the full rights to do whatever you want.
Just, try your best not to hurt the other parties.

I really have a good motto.
That life is short, and it only happens once, so give it your best shot!

wherever you are, I know you'll be okay :)
Badai pasti berlalu.
Dan di setiap hujan, pasti diakhiri dengan pelangi yang indah.
Just wait for your turn :D

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my oasis in the desert

Beki once said, I was better off without him.
At first, I doubt it. Really? I asked.
She explained how I had changed into someone that she did not know anymore.
It was not okay, for me, for her, and for the other besties of mine.

But now, that I really got separated, not keeping in touch at all, I even felt better myself.
Beki might forget the day she really spilled everything out to me.
But that day was one of the precious days of my life.
That day, I knew who my best friends are,
and Beki is one of them. Precious and such a wonderful friend.

Thank you, Beki, for making me realize how much I love you, and all of my besties.
I wish you love and passion,
Get well soon.

Love you with all my heart :)

reading time!

Books have been one of my best companions since I realized how much they helped me to build my character and thoughts. Besides The Alchemist, For one more day, Message in The Bottle, I have read few other books that were equally mesmerizing me.

I am now reading few books given by good friends of mine, but I have done reading the list below and I want to share how touching the books were. As usual, I am not a good story teller, so I'll just quote the best part of the books (in my opinion) so that they will reveal their own treasures.

*Jejak Guru Bangsa by Mohamad Sobary
Orang-orang yang nalar kritisnya belum sepenuhnya terbungkam sadar bahwa mereka hendak dijadikan klangenan oleh penguasa. Maka, biarpun "rumah" bagi mereka tadi mewah, bahkan bila terbuat dari emas pun, sangkar emas tetap sangkar. Belenggu tetap belenggu. Dan manusia berjiwa "merdeka", yang masih bisa menghargai diri dan kemerdekaannya, akan mencari cara untuk tak terkurung, biarpun - sekali lagi - ibaratnya di sangkar emas.

It told me not only the story of how Gus Dur lived his life, but also how he struggled for Indonesian revolution - against the Old Regime - knowing the rights to speak and to be heard are in the vein of the citizen.

*Your Job is Not Your Career by Rene Suhardono
Your strength is (NOT) what you're good at.
It is what you enjoy the most!
It's your passion.

A refreshing start for those who are looking for their passion, just like me. The book tried to explain that your career is the journey, your job is only the media to go for the journey. And the media that you use is never yours, the journey that is. To be able to be the ULTIMATE YOU, you need to find your passion, know your purpose of life, and have your values.

*Career Snippet by Rene Suhardono
Embrace your passion.
Live a life of action.
Build our nation

The second book to compliment the first one tried to capture how we need to find our rockstar -people who inspire you to do what you love to reach success.

*Queen of Heart, Kartu Andalan Memenangkah Hati Pria Idaman by Alexandra Dewi
Being women, you need to be HARD TO GET, EASY TO BE WITH.

The thing I love about this book is how she tried to put dignity into every woman existed and to bring confidence in every single of them. It will give you tricks of how to get men's attention at best. We'll see, haha.

*The heart inside the heart, Apa yang Perlu diketahui Wanita Sebelum Menikah, Selingkuh, atau Bercerai by Alexandra Dewi

Seorang wanita dicintai bukanlah karena ia cantik.
Dia cantik karena dia dicintai.
Aku terima apa adanya, bukan cari ada apanya.
Aku cinta kamu bukan KARENA....
Aku cinta kamu WALAUPUN....
Satu tangkai mawar yang diberikan HARI INI jauh lebih berarti
dari satu ton kembang melati yang diberikan NANTI ketika orang itu sudah tidak bersama kita di dunia ini.
Berjanjilah memeluk dan dilakukan jauh lebih berarti daripada
janji memberi emas tapi tidak ditepati.

May the seed of profound love in our heart grows strong and beautifully.

That was the line I found in the first page of the book, which drew me directly to it. The book told me that it is easy to fall in love, but it is not to stay in love. A marriage needs hard work to keep it steady. But it is worth to try. And the best thing it told me is that Wedding day is just a day, the marriage itself takes the rest of your life.

*Brida by Paulo Coelho

When you find your path, you must not be afraid.
You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes.
Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.
A true meaning of love, faith, soulmate, God's mistery, doubts, and magic.

I really recommend those books listed above for you to read. AweSOME, seriously.

At the moment, I haven't finished reading Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, Paulo Coelho's The Valkyries, and Ellen Miller's One Year Book of Inspirations for Girlfriends. And I really can tell that these book I am reading are totally awesome as well :)

Yeah, tell me I am a geek. Haha.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

love love

I know I've been missing for a while and it was due to my health. I am not fully recovered by now, but I couldn't wait to share what I have been through the whole time.


Somehow, I regretted having the trip to Thailand or underestimating my health during my study in Singapore - since being in hospital for 10 days was overwhelming. Yet, I prefer to call it 'experience' instead of God's curse whatsoever.

I am not mad at anyone (which I know I should never do) and not at God either for I couldn't do what I have been planning for months. I couldn't go for my internship which has been my dream and my goal ever after Singapore.

But, nah, this is something I could learn from. I believe that experience is indeed my best teacher so far.

Moreover, I was accompanied by my best friends coming from all over town to visit me :
Beki, Erry and his Sister, Marison, Meilani, Hereng, Leo, Tisa, Patty, Yoan, Filbert, Faldo, Dika, Saras, Ketie, Hasty, Lita, Ignes, Fany, Atika, Rio >> all of you thanks a bunch!

And for those who had been supporting me through many channels, I deeply appreciate what you had done, especially Alda :)

Thanks to Manda too for calming me down in my furious times :D

And the best thing is, I finally get to see Jovita, a long companion of mine who had been missing due to her career :p

What a lovely reunion we had. Although it ran short because I was dizzy haha, I just loved them so much. I ran out of words to tell how much I miss them and miss the time we spend together.

Now, I just want to wait for Alda to come by this July, and we are going for super fun reunion :)

Love ya all guys!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

message of the day

There are things we don't want to happen, but have to accept
Things we don't want to know, but have to learn
People we can't live without, but have to let go

holiday in my dream

>> Pangandaran
>> Ujung Kulon
>> Pulau Seribu
>> Ujung Genteng
>> Karimun
>> Tanjung Bira
>> Derawan