Sunday, November 14, 2010

Miraculous Day

You may not believe what I am about to tell you.
It will sound so silly, yet true.

On Saturday, November 13, 2010,
I woke up so late : 6.30 am where I should have gone to Campus by 6.00 am.
Yes, that day was the day for Just For Fun Debate 2010.
I am the project officer so I can't be late.
I arrived at Campus on 8 o'clock then we ran JFF so normally.
It was a very tiring day, since I became the runner for the event with Nicko.

He was so helpful that day while everybody was not really that helpful.
It was very tiring till someone gave me an ice cream, as he promised me before.
Then I enjoyed ice cream after lunch, with Arif on my left side, Boby in front of me, and then Lesly came. We chatted for a while after I decided to wipe my hand with wet tissue.
So I went inside PAU ex (the debaters hall as well as the committee hall) to grab some. I left my handphone purposely and told Lesly to take care about it.

Again, everything was normal until I texted Lesly to ask about my cellphone.
He said he didnt have it. Boby might have it.
But Boby, at that moment, was sitting next to me. He knew nothing about my phone.
What happened basically was that Lesly thought Boby would take care of the phone; whereas Boby thought Lesly handled it.

I then tried to call my phone and it could be reached that time, but I didnt hear any sound of it.
I went outside to see if my cellphone was still on the table, nothing.
I panicked, I didnt know what to do.
Boby told me to tell the security.

I chose to ask the janitors.

Dang, they told me someone took it.
It was the siomay vendor.
Someone saw it, but did nothing upon it.

He was scared to yell as it will create ructions.

There it was.

That moment was the beginning of my adventure that day. be continued....

I dont have the guts to tell the story.

It was a long long night. The biggest night ever in my life.
Cause in that night, my new life began.

I lost my phone. But I finally got it back. Through endeavour.
My new friend, Marison, I just knew him that day. He was the one who ate siomay.

The other one named Sadek, Marison's friend who also happened to eat siomay.

The other one, unknown, Marison's friend too, who happened to see the "incident".

All three of them helped me to find the phone. We started from 2 pm in the afternoon, looking for EVERY siomay vendor who went to UI that day. Could you ever imagine how many of them?

I said, I met plenty of them, and my friend Marison was trying to remember his face.
We used my car, we used our feet, moving from one place to another. You would never believe how far we embraced Depok that day. Maybe time could tell.

We found the one, but he didnt admit it. It was 11 pm at night. For 2 hours later, we tried to find a solution. I dont know what exactly happened, but Marison got my BB back. He didnt even bother to tell me how. The point was, I got it back. That was 2 am in the morning. The vendor did sell the BB to someone.

So you could possibly count, its 12 hours I spent. That was the longest saturday night in my life. I could say miraculous, cause, you know, there're too many points to tell. Too many things that I couldnt even describe. And I never expected my BB back. Cause that was just crazy! and unbelievable!

But on the same night, I lost my love.
I didnt know, and until now I havent known, what was the reason he acted like that.
He scolded me for I was being careless - in the moment when I asked him to accompany me to find my phone.
And the most unbelieavable part was,
he never talked to me ever since. until today. its been more than a month.
He was gone. And would never come back.
And I never know the reason behind that.

Poor me : yes,
I have struggled and done my best to get over it.

And that was just another story to tell.