Sunday, January 31, 2010

holidays are over now

so apparently, holidays are really over now.
after over 1 month, finally it ended.

i was thinking about posting every single day i passed in holidays,
remembering how i've gone through it, recall the bad and good days i've had in the entire holidays.
and i am about to begin :)


23, Edo bought a waterproof camera to save every memory we had together

24, a very marvellous christmas eve, dinner with his parents @ pepenero, pondok indah
gifts exchanged.

25, christmas with the twins and family @ macaroni panggang, bogor
chatting @ de koffie pot, bogor

26, he bought me jco when my face started to wrinkle :p
christmas celebration @ om billy's house, bsd city

27, going out with mom and satria and edo to pejaten village
ice cream & fudge factory
sushi tengoku :)

28, watching 'sang pemimpi' @ setiabudi
speeding to go home in no time because we have to beat daddy's car before he got home first.

29, hanging out with meilani, satria, and edo to suzuki, fatmawati
ended up in sumo sushi, then bakso cipete.

30, watching 'my sister's keeper' a very touching movie you should see!
attending english lesson @ lbi, ui.
bubur korned plus nasi uduk komplit @ nasi uduk masdikun and roti bakar wiwid, fatmawati.

31, sushi tei-ing with mom and dad and satria
religious service @ church with mom
celebrating new year's eve @ eaton and the mango and bread talk, citos.
tears @ edo's house.
okay, few minutes before new year, i was crying in front of the monitor for the obstacles in my way.
it's pathetic, i know!


1, lunch with full house @ eat&eat, kelapa gading - it looks like ordinary foodcourt, but with extraordinary menus and atmoster (means : you should try going there! its on MKG 3)
dinner@ baku mumu, gading serpong with grandma, aunt, uncle, and niece.
another meals @ dante coffee, summarecon gading serpong eating nachos, quite tasty :3

2, had a fight with edo because i didn't inform him when i went out for jogging.
hang out with manda to mangga besar, eating porks and stuffs.
another fight with edo - that ended the day with total tears.

3, a super sweet day of the year - no fight at all @ kedai, kemang. finally decided the celebrating place for edo's birthday.
intimate dinner with self exposure (nyehehehe) @ edo's house - very happy of us!

4, reading some articles about vacation, accompanied with carrot cake and chai latte, my favourite :D @ coffee bean, kemang.
ended the day @ edo's place.

5, kumpul angkatan @ balairung, ui.
me and fany - ran away :B to citos, me and edo going to pim.
edo @ celebrity fitness
accidentally saw daddy, but then we had meals @ sushi tei, pim.

6, forgot my English lesson because of prapekom.
eating @ roti bakar cinere
but continue chatting @ my home terrace
oh ya, he delivered my hand phone which was left in his car, by motorcycle (means : he got home already)

7, amazing trip to BOGOR after having a big fight.
great meals @ macaroni panggang, rumah cupcakes, lasagna gulung.
we were spending great times, talking about his childhood!

8, prapekom @ balairung, ui.
another fight because of small stuff but then he accompanied me sleeping.
he sat watching tv, i was beside him sleeping like a log.
then he drove me to UI for my English lesson.
he bought me some breadtalks after lesson :)

9, having bakwan @ kedai but then i can't bear my self not to poop :D
then i did it @ circle k, kemang. it was raining afterwards.
but when i opened the door, i saw edo, handling a big umbrella in front of me.
he was wet!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that was one of the most romantic scene in my life :)

10, lunch with family and edo @ the duck king
continuity of meals @ red mango froyo and ya kun kaya toast, and coffee bean, pim.
then going to kamome and citos, blok m to buy some bread.

11, THE DAY. a trip to bandung started from 5 o'clock in the morning.
first stop @ tangkuban perahu
blueberry cheese pancake and nasi merah bakar @ nanny's pavillion and roemah nenek
walking along the road @ jalan riau - with several factory outlets.
buying some clothes for dad @ ciwalk
hot chocolate @ congo, dago pakar.
a wonderful evening, spent with edo by chatting along the way to jakarta.
not willing at all to let the day go.
well, edo claimed this day as the day he liked the most in these holidays.

12, prapekom. that's all i remembered.

13, okay, this is unique. i went back to ui for quite often that day.
in the morning - dropped putri off.
in the afternoon - dropped me off.
in the same afternoon - edo picked me up after he dropped me off for several minutes.
in the evening - edo dropped me off for english lesson
in the same evening - he picked me off after going to margo city.
what a great boy, isn't he? :D

14, the preparation of his birthday.
went to harvest, depok, buying him tiramisu.
prapekom @ balairung ui
went home to put the cake in my refrigerator.
went to edo's to bring back the car i lent :3
had a fight for the rest of the night.

the surprise at 5 am.
and the rest of the day spent together
@ seribu rasa, menteng
@ boka buka, cipete
@ his place.

16, his birthday celebration @ kedai, kemang
feny, astrid, beki, fany, and verano was there!
then we split into our own destination : me - bekasi timur, him - pim
christmas celebration @ tante laksmi's house, so so so fun!

17, not much i can tell, maybe just you know what.

18, prapekom @ balairung ui
nasi liwet @ kantin psikologi ui

19, huge fight between us, prapekom, but he was so nice, asking me for forgiveness by bringing me out to citos, jcoing :D - my healer

20, breakfast with edo @ home
prapekom @ balairung ui

21, bakso etika @ pangkalan jati, pondok labu
new pair of sandals @ chikas, itc kuningan
OKAY, fighting.
bubur cheese stick @ menteng.
his place.

22, taking a rest after kumpul angkatan @ ui, i felt asleep in his bedroom while he was sleeping at the living room. he said he was afraid he will wake me up.
siomay @ sams strawberry, adhyaksa.
he helped me packing my things before SAR.
and bought me many meals :)

23, it was so hard to let him go for SAR.
okay, the SAR itself is something necessary to be told here :D
i did try the bakwan @ kantin psikologi. it was great :3

24, he was already there in ui to pick me up since 8 o'clock while me myself done it after 9.
i was sleeping along every way we headed that day.
lunch @ the olive tree, hotel nikko jakarta.
he was so sad, thinking that would be the last day we could possibly spend together, because that night he's going to bandung. he didn't know i was planning to visit him on tuesday.

25, late night swimming plus sauna @ hotel sunlake, sunter
capcay and shark's meat @ tenda, named singkawang's food

26, another bandung trip, with manda jovi and bona :D
nasi timbel @ kedai timbel dago
es bungsu @ jalan bungsu
edo's place at ciumbeleuit.
dinner @ nasi goreng padang, dago pakar.
pisang keju susu coklat @ roti bakar madtari.
thai tea @ kopi ireng, dago pakar. by motorcycle - which was so damn cold that night, after rain.
a great great night, unfortunately ruined by fight.
but eventually we're fine.
praying together 'live' for the first time.

27, nasi siram sapi @ cabe rawit
heading to jakarta by xtrans
english lesson @ lbi, ui
a very hard feeling - letting the day pass once again.

28, seeing 'dirty dancing : havana nights' with edo @ home
roti bakar keju korned, coklat susu, coklat keju @ roti bakar cinere with edo and satria.

29, depressed because of satria's attitude.
total tears.
the great thing is he healed me.

30, jogging for the first time in january (maybe)
entrepreneurs day @ prasetiya mulya bussiness school
ALDA'S TIME @ eat & eat, kelapa gading
carrot beet juice (added with celery fucking shit) @ new zealand, kelapa gading
favourite time @ aston's swimming pool, rasuna
roti bakar, teh susu, plus nasi goreng kambing @ jalan lombok, menteng

31, pizza set @ pasta de waraku, pim
funghi pizza @ red tomato, pim
carrot orange juice @ new zealand, pim (now, its tasty. before : it sucked)
breadtalk @ cinere mall
cd from edooo :D

Saturday, January 30, 2010

today at January 30, 2010

finally i met aldaaaaaaaaaa!
what a happy day today.
can't tell it in detail. (baca : for more details, see in alda's blog later)

okay so we met at grand indonesia,
we (me and edo) picked her up. but the moment i saw her from far - even from the gate before entering gi, i screamed. and it annoyed edo so mucho :p sorry babe.

she couldn't even stop talking inside the car, on the way to kelapa gading.
yes, we were going to gading just to eat "eat & eat" well, i am kinda addicted to it.
i was so fucking excited of course, but i just couldnt express it in words.

so we ate lunch, we're heading to rasuna to swim.
they were forcing me to swim.
it's on the list, but, yeah, i didnt want my hair got wet ( i cut my hair just a moment before )
we bought tan ek tjoan for meals and we did swim.

i didnt. i just got my body inside the water, and i could feel the cold water!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no way.
but the most important thing today is that we had pictures. lots of pictures on water!
viva waterproof camera hahahahaha :D

nah, that's not the most important thing.
we still headed to jalan lombok at menteng, buying nasi goreng kambing and roti bakar.
after that we dropped alda back to her home sweet home.

okay, the most important thing is I MISSED HER ALREADY WHEN WE DROPPED HER OFF.
i dont know, but i love hearing her jokes, her laughs.
ooh no.
i just love her.
because she had been a best best friend for me.
especially these 3 years :)

thank you alda.
you know, im not good in string words up.
but i hope you know how glad i am now, having you as my bestfriend :)

even now i stuck with flu -_-

i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

and i love you dear bubu :D
you're also the most important thing in my life.
without you it would be a completely different world.

thanks both of you, edo and alda!
muach :*

yesterday at January 29, 2010

i was mad yesterday.
mad at my brother and then this madness broadened up to my mom, my dad, my sis, even my bf felt the effect of this madness.

i was unhappy with my life.
i was questioning why all of these shits ever happened to me?
why there wasn't any appreciation from what i've done all my life.
on the contrary, what i got were all invectives.

i was too tired with my life so that i was trying to let go.
my heart was about to burst.
and it did, yesterday.

i lose it to my bf.
i spilled everything.
almost everything, that i wanted to tell.
everything that i hated the most.
and it took more, more than couple of hours to spill everything.

but i was relieved afterwards.
he tried his best to calm me down.
but he also tried hard to arm me with patient.
because i was revolting. so hard to pull him out of it.

with a gentle care,
he ended it in peace.
after all rude words i cursed on him,
he understood.

after all things that shouldn't be his mistakes but i did blame it on him,
he apologized to me.

what a crazy world out there!
no. the question should be, is a crazy man out there?
because it's so unbelievable that he could understand me, and did not confront back?

from that moment, and actually from many moments i spent with him before,
i can feel love.
the tenderness, the love, the care, the passion, the patience to handle me and my confrontative movement towards him.
i can feel it.

he hugged me and said many things that inspired me so deeply.
first i cant believe he said those things.
but then i knew, i have met a right person.
there's a right person in front of me,
handling me with gentle care.
that is why i should be thankful.
especially from now on.

thank you so much my dear,
i love you :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

happy birthday babe :)

January 15, 2010
surprise at dawn
lunch at seribu rasa, menteng
dinner at boka buka, cipete
celebration with friends at kedai, kemang

happy 19th birthday dear,
more excitement on a year ahead!

gadis :)

bandung, january 11, 2010

d' mansion nine, tangkuban perahu, nanny's pavillion, roemah nenek, den haag klapertaart, the secret, heritage, cascade, ciwalk, congo, dago pakar.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

menatap indonesia penuh insipirasi

hari ini gw nonton tatap muka, acaranya farhan yang diputar tiap minggu malem di tv one.
gw ga pernah ngeluangin waktu khusus sih untuk nonton acara tertentu di televisi.
entah mengapa, semenjak sma, gw kurang tertarik untuk nongkrongin televisi.. atau mungkin dari dulu gw bukan tipe2 yang suka mantengin televisi nontonin satu acara tertentu..
sempet sih telenovela dan korea, sinetron juga.. hehehehehe

well, that's not the main point here.
gw sempet liat edisi tatap muka yang ngulas didik nini thowok, banyak lah..
nah hari ini gw liat edisi sama seorang arsitektur namanya RIDWAN KAMIL.

dulu dia sma di bandung barengan farhan, lulus taun 1990, terus kuliah di itb ambil arsitektur, ke NY, kuliah di UC berkeley, ke hongkong, dan baru balik ke indonesia taun 2003 kemaren..
kalo dengerin riwayatnya, pasti terkagum2 lah ya sama orang ini.

the same thing i felt ketika gw denger dia bercerita.
dia cerita banyak soal green architecture. dia udah pernah ngunjungin 90 kota di dunia di luar indonesia, sehingga dia punya banyak inspirasi untuk membangun indonesia lebih baik lagi. bokapnya pernah berpesan bahwa "life is to give" hidup adalah untuk memberi. pesan ini yang membawa emil (panggilan akrabnya) buat balik ke indonesia dan ngasih ilmu yang dia dapet dari berbagai negara untuk di share buat indonesia.
wow banget kan?

dari cerita2nya dia, dari contoh2 yang dia kasih - kota2 terbaik di dunia - gw sadar banget bahwa orang ini super pinter. dia cerita banyak gimana kita (swasta terutama) punya peran besar banget buat bikin kota yang indah.
kota yang indah itu, buat dia, adalah kota yang manusiawi, yang menjunjung tinggi aspek manusia. kaya contohnya, punya banyak ruang publik - taman, pedestrian, dll - dan orang2 ga sibuk berinteraksi di dalem rumah, tapi juga di luar rumah.. buat kota2 yang udah maju, semboyan yang mereka anut adalah "the city is the people". semboyan ini bikin gw sadar, bahwa kota yang bener adalah kota yang emang bener2 ditujukan buat orangnya.
kalo emil ini bilang, kota ya buat orang, bukan buat mobil, bukan buat yang lain.
liat aja kota2 di eropa, yang emang selalu mengedepankan sisi humanis. mereka bikin lebih banyak sarana transportasi dan zona hijau, ya untuk masyarakatnya. ga kaya di jakarta ini.

selain pinter, gw juga sadar kalo dia itu modern banget. pikirannya jauh ke depan. membuat gw semakin terkagum2 sama orang ini.
dia bilang bahwa kota yang udah maju, harus berpikir untuk memanfaatkan lahan lebih untuk ruang publik, sehingga tempat tinggal mau ga mau harus vertikal bukan lagi horizontal. contoh aja singapura. kota yang sedemikian maju, pemikirannya udah bagus untuk bikin kotanya itu seimbang.
bahwa kota ga boleh diisi penuh sama beton2 doang, tapi juga lahan hijau.
dia juga bilang, bahwa selama ini kita selalu berpikir individualis.
seorang individu ga bakal bisa membawa dampak yang signifikan buat kotanya.
tapi ternyata, kalo pikiran modern macem itu direalisasikan oleh 1o juta orang yang tinggal di jakarta. how significant that would be?

so this person, came and brought so many inspirational words upon me.
gw bener2 terkesima liat dia, liat bagaimana dia punya banyak ilmu, dan bagaimana dia berusaha untuk membagi ilmu itu buat orang2 di sekitarnya.
what a great person, isn't he?

dari dia, gw jadi bermimpi untuk menuntut ilmu setinggi2nya. sampe ke negeri seberang.
gw akan jadi orang yang sangat bahagia ketika gw bisa berbagi ilmu itu sama orang2 di sekitar gw. sama lingkungan gw, dan sama negara gw.

tadinya gw pikir, orang indonesia itu ga akan pernah berubah.
pemikiran orang indonesia itu jauh tertinggal di belakang.
belom lagi kebiasaannya yang emang susah diganti. (baca : kebiasaan jelek)
kenapa kita ga bisa modern kaya kota2 lain? ya karena emang orang2nya belom cukup berpendidikan untuk itu semua.
that makes banyak orang berpikiran untuk ninggalin indonesia karena melihat negara ini ga ada harapan..

jujur, i feel the same way.
gw juga berpikiran yang sama.
menurut gw, negara ini udah terlalu bobrok untuk dibenahi.
liat aja tuh kasus2 penculikan anak lah, penyiksaan tkw lah (hasil dari nonton tv one selama 2jam).
law enforcement masih kacau. segala2nya masih kacau.
itu semua bikin orang pesimis, dan mikir dua kali (terutama bagi orang beruang) untuk membangun kehidupan di indonesia.
kalo punya duit dan kemampuan buat kerja dan tinggal di luar negeri, kenapa ga?
indonesia bakal butuh berabad2 untuk ngejar ketinggalannya sama 1st world countries.

nasionalisme sih nasionalisme. tapi nasionalisme juga butuh timbal balik.
kalo kita berusaha sementara orang lain ga, akan sama aja boong.
menurut gw, permasalahannya di indonesia itu ga semua orang bisa berpikir maju ke depan.
kemiskinan masih merajalela, pendidikan masih kebutuhan yang mewah, ga semua orang bisa mengakses itu. ya jelas aja butuh ratusan taun lagi buat mengubah semua kebiasaan itu.
itu yang bikin orang2 yang tadinya udah berpikiran maju, yang nasionalis mau mengubah negeri, jadi gigit jari.
nyerah liat keadaan yang kaya gini.

gw pribadi udah menyerah.

tapi ketika liat emil, alias ridwan kamil.
gw rasa indonesia punya harapan. dia begitu optimis.
dia punya segudang ilmu, dan dia bersedia untuk bagi itu untuk negaranya,
terus kenapa gw ga?

so, that was the lesson of the day.

just like tatap muka's quote : menatap indonesia penuh inspirasi,
gw pengen jadi inspirasi berikutnya.