Sunday, September 7, 2008

well well well

ga nyangka ya.. semua udah berubah..
semua orang kaya udah nemuin soulmatenya gitu
punya pacar masing2 dan punya cara masing2 untuk keep in touch sama pacarnya itu..
ga nyangka banget... bahkan orang yang pikir ga berpengalaman dalam pacaran,
sekarang udah nemuin orang yang bener2 dia sayang, dan terus punya cara sendiri untuk tetep dekat sama pacarnya yang jauh di negeri orang gitu..
hebat banget.
gw harap, it also occurs to me.
well, nothing's wrong about hoping rite?

thank you friends

these days, i was totally messed up. for the entire week, i spent my days with crying.
but what's worth and overwhelming is that the situation ended.
i spoke to my BF. and i just hope everything would be better.
and another thing that makes me relieved,
all my friends are supporting me..
my junior, my friend at school, my friend in bandung :), my best friend,
sorry not to mention all of your names, because it would be too many :)
so, ya
thank you very much for everyone!
you have comforted me with your words.
you know who you are.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


it feels so good to be back in BINUS!
it's been a year.
everything went different.
people change.
i change.
my team changes.
many things have changed.
but my feelings remain.
i love binus, the atmosfer, the people, the LOs, the commitee
eventhough i found some changes
but i still love them.

especially yandi and okky.
i miss them like crazy!
and seeing yandi's performance today, i felt so damn happy to be there.
ever again.
and having them around in the debate room.
it's just great feelings i can't ever explain.

i don't wanna miss any single chance.
to be there.
no. i won't.

why do i love you guys this much?
haha well, it's simply weird, rite?
hell i wouldn't know if you guys think the same.
i don't really care.

i just want to say.
i really love you.
both of you.
thank you. for being there.
for encouraging us.
for being whatever you are.
for being you.
for being loved.
thank you, yandi and okky :)

i'm gonna miss you both soon


you know, i never expect any surprise from him just like anybody did.
that would be a too much expectations, since he's not that type of BF.
these days, taste like hell. honestly.
i can't stop thinking about him. like argh.
when i was alone, nobody's around. i want to cry.
i feel so dissapointed with the current condition.
and what i want is like everything goes normal.
it would be too much too, if i hope that he would go back like long before.
i just want him to be like, care. normally care?
i don't know. care or more understanding.
or just realize what is really happening.
how i felt. and so on.
that's all.