Friday, December 4, 2015

2015 Reflection

It’s the time of the year when you’re supposed to another reflection of the passed year! How time flies. It felt like yesterday when I decided to leave YLI, a place that I called home, my comfortable zone and shelter, which also shaped me up professionally.

I remember exactly that I wrote the same piece last year when I was still in the office, when I got time to do it. Nowadays life is quite different; I don’t really have the time to write as much as I was before. But I do feel thankful for what have happened and for what I’ve been through this year.

When I look back and reflect, I now feel confident leaving YLI, which was a big step in my life since it’s a great place to work, network and develop my personal side (especially with the great people and environment). However, now that I am in a bank with more stakeholders to manage and build relationships with, alongside its complications and steep curve, I knew why I left and it was for a good reason. I do learn what I would otherwise not have learned in YLI.

This year also marked another transformation in “our relationship” whereby we experienced a lot more ups and downs rather than a steady interaction like it was before. Yet, with those “roller coaster” rides, we are surer that we can keep holding on. So yes, I am hopeful and optimistic things can get better.

God, thank You for the wonderful blessings, and for taking care of me. I am forever grateful for what You have done in my life.

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