Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Life's Update (finally after soooo many months)

Oh well.. It's been forever since my last post...

And while there were too many things happening in between, I am just forever grateful that I am still alive and intact.

I think the biggest differences happened because of Happy5. With the abundant time flexibility, the great people I work with; I had the chance to travel, read books I've been wanting to read, meet and talk to people, reconnect, explore myself and have a little bit of inner peace. And the journey has been wonderful.

Although there are times when I feel bored, and not-so-productive (unlike my usual state in the past), this company does more good than harm to my life. Oh, and at the end of the day, you can't really complain for God's blessings the entire time.

Really, I mean, the more I travel, the more I feel grateful to be born in this country that is now presenting countless opportunities for us to explore countless things. Don't get me wrong, I do agree it's a concrete jungle here, but overall, there are too many things that are way too precious to just ignore.

To always be in a constant search of self, I learn how much I like to cook to kill time, how much I like to be recognized for my work, and how uncertainty can get you stronger than ever. I am still being myself: stubborn, emotional, expressive, impatient and of course, annoying. But I feel like I am more in control of myself, which is good, I hope. And I tried to eliminate a lot of annoying things from my emotional state, just to stay sane and intact.

I hiked, which I totally loved (with the ups and downs --they're the ones that make it memorable).

And probably Shonda Rhimes' The Year of Saying Yes really woke me up. It's just an inconvenient fact that we can never have it all. WE JUST CAN'T. We will always miss things in all kind of decisions. It's so relevant to the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) trend that is now sooooo prevalent with the emerging social media behavior. But that's exactly what will make us regret our lives, however imperfect and perfect it is. We will just never get satisfied with what we have, because we will keep on comparing while the truth was just as simple as that other people miss out on other things.

Of course, you will always have to improve. Life is not perfect, doh?????

BUT I AM HAPPY. I AM CONTENT. I made the right decision to move out of a very negative environment. And I am not worried about the future of the company, because we are all in great Hands, sticking together. And this will only make us stronger.

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